Get the Alexa app for Windows-PC and Alexa Dot Setup

Alexa may be a well-known digital assistant developed by Amazon that is creating lives easier and fun. This voice-enabled virtual assistant is obtainable on Alexa devices by Amazon and alternative Alexa-compatible devices developed for Alexa support which might be controlled through a mobile device with Amazon Alexa app. creating the employment of Alexa devices easier is that the new Alexa app for Windows. tho’ you’ll be able to still still access Alexa on a compatible applications programme like Firefox, Microsoft Edge and net soul (10 and above) by getting to the options offered on the Alexa app for computer square measure totally different.

Microsoft has worked with personal computers corporations to develop Windows computers that escort a preloaded Alexa app for computer once the mixing of Alexa and Cortana, the digital assistant developed by Microsoft. The app comes inherent in specific Windows computer models created by holler, HP and genus Acer. currently the Alexa app for Windows is additionally offered for transfer from the Microsoft Store. The app is compatible with Windows ten or higher versions & is obtainable for hands-free interaction with Alexa. For Alexa dot setup on your laptop computer, follow these steps:

1) Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows computer and kind “Alexa” and also the Alexa blue icon app can seem.
2) Click on transfer to start out downloading the Alexa app. you may get a notification once it’s prepared to be used.
3) Open the app and check in victimisation your existing Amazon account.
4) Now you may see directions for Alexa created and you’ll be able to conjointly select most popular settings. make certain to relinquish access to the mike thus you’ll be able to simply speak to Alexa through the voice-enabled feature. you’ll be able to continuously amendment the setting later.
5) Now you’re able to use the Alexa app for windows. you’ll be able to raise Alexa concerning the weather or play a song on your laptop.

The Alexa app for computer supports several Alexa options and skills like making looking lists, obtaining updates on weather, paying attention to music on Amazon Music, taking part in the news, reading books on Amazon sonic, setting alarms, handling calendar events and creating announcements. you’ll be able to continuously click on “Things to try” feature to access new options that square measure updated on your Amazon Alexa App.

The prime feature good thing about Alexa App for Windows is that you simply} will management your good home devices from anyplace by just victimisation your voice. Currently, the Alexa app for computer doesn’t support video calls, audio communications and music streaming apps like Spotify. The Echo device setup is additionally not presently offered through the Amazon Alexa app for windows however you’ll be able to continuously use from the browser for that.

The availability of Amazon Alexa App on your computer makes it additional mobile to move with Alexa and management your good home devices from anyplace. within the future, the app is predicted to induce additional options and even handle computer connected capabilities.

How to connect Alexa to WiFi and to set up Alexa?

Hey! Congratulations on your new Amazon Echo device. Alexa can do plenty of things. All you need to do is just ask a question and you are an answer away from Alexa. Your Amazon The echo device can play music, read your books, report weather conditions, give you the latest news and so much more when your device has been set up with Alexa. Echo can hear your voice from any corner of your room as there are up to seven microphones that are built-in.

Lets get started with Amazon Alexa set up and how to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi.

Amazon Echo Dot Setup

First, plug in your echo device to a power outlet so that there is enough battery to keep it running through the setup process. If the light ring shines blue, it indicates that power has been connected. If the light ring turns orange, it means that Alexa is ready to greet you. Alexa will tell you that your device is ready for set up. Once the device begins to charge, install the Amazon Alexa app on your Smartphone.

Amazon Alexa App Download and installation you can download the Amazon Alexa app from or you can
visit the play store/app store depending on whether you are an android or iOS user. If you want to use it through your internet browser, there are also browser versions of the Amazon Alexa app for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Connect Alexa to WiFi via the Alexa app it’s time to connect your Echo device to a home Wi-Fi network. Any latest version of the Echo will guide you through the process. But if you do get stuck along the way, it is best to open your Alexa app and look through the list of available networks to find yours.

If you are using multiple Echo devices then you need to go
to the section in the menu that says ‘Alexa Devices.’ Make sure you select the right device that you’re working with. To check the status of the Wi-Fi connection, head on over to the ‘Wireless’ section for details. When you’re connected to the internet, you will be provided with an option to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon.

This makes it super easy when you
need to connect to smart home devices or whenever you need to process a new Amazon Alexa Setup via the same network. Did you know that you can also connect your Echo to any public network? However, the password won’t be saved. Talk to Alexa You need to use a wake word when you want to start talking to Alexa. The default is usually ‘Alexa’. You can also change your wake word to something else.

Tell your Echo device, “Alexa, change the
wake word”, to change it. Open the Alexa app and tap ‘Help and Feedback’ then select ‘Change the Wake Word.’ to change your device’s wake word manually. You can only use these wake words – Amazon, Echo, and Computer. Use your Echo The Amazon Echo Dot Setup is complete and can start using it in your daily life. Try out a few simple commands.You can start off by saying ‘Hello’ to Alexa.

You can also visit the Alexa app menu and check
out the sections titled ‘Things to try’ and ‘Skills and games.’ Skills section will let you customize Alexa the way you want for entertainment, news, and so on. For any further help,

Get the Alexa App for Setup Alexa with Alexa.Amazon.Com

Amazon Alexa is known as Alexa which is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. It is capable of providing voice interaction, music playback, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, and providing weather. With the help of Alexa app, you can also control several smart devices using a home automation system.

There are many hidden features and questions or answers you can ask. For example, you can tell her to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and get responses. If Alexa provides trouble in getting your commands then you can go through a quick voice-training session to make yourself understand.

Things you can do with Alexa Setup the intercom between Echo speakers in your home, Play sleep music, Make calls to family and friends through the phone. There are two types of Alexa device available:- First, that simply work with Alexa and another with-in Alexa.

Alexa on your PC – To activate the service on PC, you can use the below method:-

  1. Click on the Windows search bar of your PC.
  2. Type free app download.
  3. Sign in to your Amazon user id and password.

How to set up Alexa App

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or PC.
  2. Log in with your ID ( You will need to create a new one if you don’t have an account ), and this will be your new account for Alexa.
  3. Open the Amazon App and go to menu then Settings and Set up a new device.
  4. When this process is done, select the type of Amazon Echo device for addition.
  5. Your device is ready if blue light is appearing which means your echo device is in pairing mode.
  6. You are now in the position to say “Alexa” .

How to add smart home devices to Alexa

Download the particular Alexa skill for your device and sign in. By signing in you will get the control of that Echo device. Paired devices will then appear within the Smart Home section of the app.

How to create groups with Amazon Alexa

By creating a group from within the Smart Home of the Alexa app you can add any Echo device into a single group, which can be later controlled by your voice only. Open Alexa App then head to the smart home, Select groups by adding and give it a name.

New Features of Alexa

You can add celebrity voices and listen to Alexa in the multi-lingual mode.
Auto delete your own voice recordings.
Alexa Guard gets smarter than before.

Best Alexa compatible smart devices

Amazon Smart Plug
Philips bulbs
Nest Thermostat E
Acer Spin 5 laptop

How to do Echo Dot Setup Using Alexa Ap?

The latest Echo Dot is that the affordable, effortless and best thanks to bringing Alexa to your home. It works great on its own or also can be integrated into a good range of smart home and AV products, bringing smart features and voice control just a command away. Note – The Echo input doesn’t have any speaker. If you don’t connect external speakers, Alexa can still hear you, but you’ll never be ready to hear what’s says.

Alexa Setup on Android Phone

You can use Alexa on your smartphone outside the Echo series. Also, you’ll replace Google Assistant as your default VA.

Download Alexa App from and check in to your Amazon account. Click Settings on your phone, then choose “Apps”. Now click the (…) within the top right, then click “Default Apps Assist & Voice input. If you’re employing a Samsung device then the last of these is displayed as Device assistance app. This might vary counting on the Android version. Now pick the Alexa app rather than default Google Assistant. Now click “Yes” to permissions. Alexa is now available!

amazon alexa app

Setting up Alexa on iOS

You might have Siri already. But still, you’ll use it with the Alexa setup application. Download the Alexa app and check-in together with your account credentials. Now click the Alexa button and click on “Yes” to any permission it asks for. Now you’ll start using Alexa!

Resetting your Amazon Echo Dot

If you would like to reset your Amazon Echo Dot setup, then follow these simple steps mentioned below; Press and hold the quantity down and mute buttons together at an equivalent time for 20 seconds. you’ll see the sunshine ring turning orange. You will now see the sunshine ring turning blue. Now, wait until the sunshine ring goes out and power on again. Now you’ll see the orange light ring turning again and therefore the device goes to configuration mode.

How to connect the Bluetooth speaker to Amazon Echo?

The Echo Dot can hook up with other existing speakers through the mini-jack on the device via Bluetooth. this is often a big benefit because it enables you to enjoy better sound quality with multi-room sound. Before beginning, remember that you simply also can connect the speaker with the mini-jack. Choose pair a replacement device. The Echo dot will then switch to pairing mode. After a while, the connection is formed and therefore the speaker are often used. If you would like to sign off, then disconnect it from the app or simply say “Alexa disconnect”.

How to Download Amazon Alexa App and Amazon Alexa Setup?

Here download the Amazon Alexa app from the Google app store, Amazon App Store and Apple app store. You can directly go to and easily download the Alexa app on your smartphone, IOS, etc. The Amazon Alexa app can also be downloaded from the web browser of a computer or

amazon alexa app

laptop. Sign in ( sign up) your Amazon account & install the Amazon Alexa app in your device.

Amazon Alexa Setup Follow Simple Step’s

1 Go to in your browser.

  1. If you’re not logged in click log in. if you have not to account then create a new account.
  2. Plugin and turn on Alexa Echo Device.
  3. Wait, until when the echo’s light turns orange.
  4. Press and hold down the action button on the Echo device for a few seconds.
  5. Go into the web app, click on settings.
  6. Choose the setup new device.
  7. Now you’ll need to echo the device connected with the Wi-Fi network so, connect the echo device with the Wi-Fi network.
  8. Select your Wi-Fi network in the web app. Enter the username and password correctly.
  9. Click connect.

Add your language to your Alexa device.

Alexa is ready to answer your questions. You can ask Alexa about news, weather, location, watch movies, listening to music and many more.

How to Setup Echo Dot and Alexa Setup?

Are you getting issues in the Echo dot setup and Amazon Alexa setup? If yes, so here you will see easy steps for amazon echo setup, and how to setup echo dot.

Let’s start with how to set up echo dot, First, you have to download Alexa app on your device. You can download it from the Google Play store and install it for the Alexa dot setup.

How to set up Alexa dot? For that, do Alexa login and connect Alexa to wifi network. How to connect Alexa? Simply go to Alexa wifi settings, you will see your wifi network name. Just select that and enter your wifi network password in it. Next, add your information in the Alexa app setting like name, location, language, etc. We have done the Alexa setup.

Now, you will see a list of Amazon Echo devices, choose your Echo device to setup echo dot. Let’s move to echo setup and amazon echo dot setup with the Alexa app. How

to setup amazon echo dot? Plugin your Echo dot and connect echo dot to wifi for amazon dot setup. You will notice that orange light will come on echo device, it means

Alexa is recognizing you. Alexa will notify you that setup echo dot is done and it is ready to give you answers to your questions.

Add routine, set alarms or reminders in the Alexa app. You can test the Alexa by asking any question to it. It will respond to you instantly. Ask for songs, news

updates, weather, etc. Control your home gadgets by giving your voice command to Alexa.

Know All About The Amazon Alexa App

The Amazon Alexa app is that the best to your Alexa-enabled devices that allows you to simply got wind of and manage your Alexa expertise at your home. you’ll got wind of your good home devices, management or check the standing of your good lights, and locks reception. Also, automatism your good home devices by making routines.
Connect with friends and family victimization Alexa app. decision and message your Alexa contacts and connect instantly along with your home.
Organize your day, to-do-lists, and consider searching, grasp weather and news updates, alarms, and more.
Easily got wind of your music. Connect Alexa app to services you already use like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, and a lot of to play them on your Alexa-enabled devices. Also, you’ll produce teams of compatible Echo devices to play music.

Amazon Alexa App

You can raise inquiries to Alexa
Alexa is usually obtaining smarter, and there’s forever one thing new attempt with Alexa app. you’ll start with a number of the Alexa commands below. Still, square measure you anticipating your device to arrive? talk over with Alexa through your smartphone. Let’s bang.

“Alexa, good morning.”
“Alexa, how are you?”
“Alexa, tell me a joke.”
“Alexa, what can you do?”
“Alexa, sing me a song.”You can ask more questions.

Know more about Amazon Alexa App and Setup Amazon Alexa Echo Devices (Echo setup, Echo Dot setup, Echo Show etc.) by visiting here

How to Setup Echo Dot and Download Alexa App?

This article will help you connect your Echo dot to the WiFi and it will guide you through the Amazon Alexa setup.

Download Alexa App

If you are setting up your device through the PC or laptop then you need to download Alexaapp from Make sure you have a stable internet connection process through the entire process. You can also download Alexa app from the Google app store. Alexa is compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher and Fire OS 3.0 or higher.

download alexa app

Next, Turn on the Echo Dot

Make sure your Echo Dot is located in a central location of the room with ample space around it. This will help the device work to the best of its capacity. You need to make sure there is a minimum of 20 centimeters around the device. But don’t worry, the device has seven in built speakers that can hear you from almost anywhere in the room.

Now, Plug in Your Amazon Echo Dot

Plug in the Echo Dot using the power adapter provided along with the charger. Turn on your Echo Dot by holding down the home button. 

echo dot setup

You will see a blue light and this light will soon turn to orange. Now Alexa will welcome you.


Connect Echo Dot to the WiFi 

You should have no trouble following these instructions. Just make sure you select the right WiFi connection and connect to it. You can also contact the helpline center for AmazonAlexa Setup.

alexa setup

Start Talking to Alexa

You Echo Dot setup is complete and the Echo Dot is all set to work for you now. Say ‘Alexa’ and follow it up by a command. If you want to change the wake word, you can do so by visiting the setting sections on your Alexa app.

Connect Your Echo Dot to a Speaker

This choice is option and it depends on your preference. You can choose to connect the Echo Dot to any other external speaker but ensure the speakers are much more powerful than the inbuilt ones. The inbuilt speakers are quite powerful already. You can connect to the external speaker using a Bluetooth device or through the audio cables that were provided.

Connect Echo Dot to Speaker


This is an optional choice, its all depend on you. Opt to connect Echo Dot to an external speaker only if the speaker is more powerful than the inbuilt one. The inbuilt speaker is already very powerful.

Why connect to Alexa App

Connecting your Echo to the Alexa app will make life much easier for you. You can get the daily news read to you. You can listen to the weather forecast and you can set alarms and reminders. You can also play music.

Connecting your Echo to smart devices in your house will allow you to control your smart home. You can shut garage doors, turn on and off lights and adjust the temperature in your home, along with a myriad of other functions.
Hands free experience
Once you have connected to the WiFi your Amazon Alexa setup is complete. Hit the microphone button in order to have a comfortable hands free experience. Talk to Alexa is short and natural sentences for the device to pick up commands easily.
To save power
To save the device battery power press the power button and place the Echo on sleep mode to conserve energy.
If you are having trouble with your device then you can reach out to the Amazon troubleshooting team for further assistance. Visit to read more or contact the Amazon Alexa support helpline dedicated to setup assistance.

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